Hello, my name is Chris Tutauha.

  • I am the project manager for Open Heart Warrior.
  • Co-founder of Teknacool Marketing with my wife Rowena.
  • I work as a Digital Marketing Manager.
  • Open Heart Warrior is our SLOGAN for those who do not know what Teknacool Marketing does.
  • Teknacool Marketing was founded in 2004.
  • I began as a Digital Marketer in 2008.


The way we do things is simple. Our mission is to build a “network of encouragement.” 

  • We connect with people from all walks of life with the goal to build a culture of sharing and caring.
  • We think that is a far better way to operate a business as opposed to one of fear, greed and self-centeredness.
  • We believe that there must be something for everyone in every transaction that is done in business.
  • Something of value so that all shall prosper.


We are specialists at cold calling prospective clients, for our own business and for those who use our services. We have more than one way of being proactive.

  • Face to Face: We either call face to face both in the business to business sector or in the residential sector.
  • Digital Strategies: We either call directly or send an SMS to those whom we have captured through various social media and digital platforms. We offer this system to prospective clients.
  • Situational Prospecting: This is an ongoing natural organic way of building trust and rapport in any given situation. Either at a BBQ, event of some sort or while shopping.
  • Referrals: This is when people who know like and trust send prospects to us.
  • Open Heart Warrior became a SLOGAN for me after I had a “coronary artery bypass graft surgery” (CABG) in 2019. 
  • With over 30 years of door to door and face to face calls both in the business to business and residential sectors I have observed that a lot of people are really nice, friendly and kind.
  • They have what I call “good hearts.”
  • They love their families and want the best for them.
  • It’s the culture of sharing and caring.
  • With our motto of “Bringing Together People From All Walks of Life” we have seen the power of a “Network of Encouragement.”
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