Hello - Behind the scenes I am working on creating the launch of an incredible opportunity that will change the trajectory of the lives of those who want more choices, more freedom, more opportunities, more time to spend with family and more money.....

Become a digital entrepreneur.

  • We will show you how you can become a digital entrepreneur and create your own businesss.
  • #1 - You can start part-time with daily passive rewards. Getting your money to work for you.
  • #2 - You can choose to grow your business through our referral marketing and multiple-service platform to success.

What we are finding is for many people the thought of being a digital entrepreneur is very scary and too hard. Our coaches have proven it's not.

And for a lot of people the thought of being in business can be very overwhelming. Once again we have proven it's not.

Think like a digital entrepreneur.

A digital entrepreneur clearly understands that profit driven capitalism has created a system where we have been taught from the cradle to the grave to accumulate wealth at all costs.


This system focuses upon maximizing self-interest at the expense of others and it leads to the survival of the fittest at the cost of the weak.


However this way of doing things can also lead to financial hardship, domestic violence, divorce, estranged relationships, poverty and homelessness. It also leads to desperate measures such as drug dealing, crime, robbery, prostitution, sex slavery, human trafficking and all manner of human suffering. 


This way of living is driven by greed, corruption and self-centredness. Becoming a digital entrepreneur through a universal sharing and caring system, is a better model to trade with.


Some call it family, others do things in team and many prefer to call it "building a community!!!"


It's all about engagement and relationships!

The power of your dreams.

  • GOALS that work for you, even if they haven't before.
  • FREEDOM ... Key strategies that work for us.
  • Faith steps ... that accelerates your success.
  • Family ... doing life together and building a legacy.
  • Fitness ... physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Farming ... our quest for nutrient dense food.
  • Finances ... Blending online & offline systems.
  • Fun!! Playtime because it's not all about work.

Is your dream about balance?

  • Faith: Some choose to volunteer their time, energy and resources to a cause.
    2 hours per week
    4 hours per week
    6 hours per week
    8 hours per week or more!
  • Family ... Smart people balance their work, family and community work!
  • Fitness ... Passionate people find creative ways to push themselves physically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Fun!! ... Healthy people make sure they have fun with loved ones and those close to them!
  • Finances: Everyone has to have either finances or influence to make things work!!!

How big is your dream?

  • How BIG is your dream? Everyone has a different dream and we help you discover yours!
  • Finances: Please note that not everyone is driven by money but for those who choose to influence and make a difference will always set a financial goal.

    Here's an example of financial goals:
    $10K per month.
    $20K per month.
    $30K per month.
    $40K per month.
    $100K per month.

Please note:  https://christutauha.com is a temporary landing page that has been setup ... links to the funnel pages will be launched soon.