Hello – Our names are Chris and Rowena Tutauha. In 2004 just after we arrived in Perth, we founded Teknacool Marketing. We started with only one service and one way to get customers. That was door to door sales. 

We had no website, no social media platforms and we had no list of contacts. We couldn’t afford to build a website so I enrolled in an online university to learn IT.

We soon discovered that door to door sales and digital marketing is personal development in disguise. It has helped us identify character defects and change them.

As time went by we began to work with others in the door to door industry which is where we discovered the power of community and collaborative connections.

Serving happy customers and building strong relationships is the fruit of adding value to people’s lives.

Did you know that Grant Cardone (https://grantcardone.com/)  and Russell Brunson (https://www.clickfunnels.com/) learned their people skills in the door to door space? Check out what they have to say…